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About Indoor Golf

The Simulators

What is an Indoor Golf Simulator?

Cyndi’s Fun Fit Golf has 5 golfing simulators, each in its own 14’ x 16’ screened-in bay. The golfer stands on a "stance mat" which encases the simulator about 10’ from a large movie-type screen.  Each golfer uses real clubs and chooses either a real golf ball, a foam “indoor practice” golf ball, or no ball at all which is possible since we use Optishot2 club-tracking simulators. The ball hits the screen, drops to the floor, and the virtual portion begins. Based on the information rendered from the camera and sensors directly under the hitting area, a virtual ball continues into the virtual golf course on the screen.

How many players can play on 1 simulator at a time?

A maximum of 4 players may play at a time on each simulator. To reduce waiting time between players you may choose to use 2 bays with 2-3 golfers in each. You can choose the same course and easily keep up on the progress of all golfers since the screening seperating the bays is see-through.

Once those golfing have teed off, the software follows the rules of the game, starting with the player who is farthest from the hole.  The first player on the next hole is the one with the lowest (best) score on the previous hole.

Do I need to play either 9 or 18 holes?  No

There are two modes of play and two ways to pay:

The “Play Mode” allows you to play a traditional 9 or 18 holes on one of the 60+ 18-hole PGA-replica courses available.  Payment is done before you play.  The advantage is that there is no pressure of time.  

In this Play Mode you get a score; are allowed Mulligans; and may choose from 0 to 10 ft “Gimmie” around the hole. The Gimmie costs you a stroke but guarantees the ball goes in. This feature is commonly used to move the game along a little more enjoyably. 9-Holes: $12   18-Holes: $22   Price is per golfer   (sorry, no refunds)

The “Practice Mode” allows you to choose either the Driving Range or one of the many 18-hole PGA-replica courses to play the course as you would have in Play Mode but without a score, Mulligans, or Gimmies. The Practice Mode also allows the option to place the ball anywhere on the course and repeat the same shot over and over at will - including on the green to practice putting.

When choosing the Practice Mode, you will be given a ticket with a starting time.  When you are done you will pay at the end based on the amount of time you were occupying the bay. Cost: $6 per 15 minutes per bay (up to 4 golfers)

Do I Bring My Own Golf Clubs?

You are most welcome to bring your own clubs.  You also may store them with us if you wish during the Winter months ($7 per month). They will work fine if they have some shine on the bottoms as this is a club-tracking system that doesn't work with black-bottom clubs.

We also have golf clubs in Men’s, Women’s, and Jr’s for Left and Right-handed golfers to rent ($2.50/bag).

The Putting Area at the entrance is FREE for golfers and their guests with paid 1/2 hour or more on a Golf Simulator.

Otherwise the Putting Area is $5/20 minutes for up to 4 golfers at a time.