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Celebrating 1-Year in Business

About Us

Cyndi’s Fun Fit Golf (CFFG) was founded by Cynthia Mendell in 2018. She has spent her very active life as an active-duty member of the U.S.Navy (5 yrs) massage therapist (20 yrs), personal trainer (12 yrs), and avid golfer for the past 20+ years.  Cyndi finally became a Nationally Certified Golf Instructor in 2019.

Cyndi is one of five daughters born to Joseph and Marcella Mendell in the Chicago suburbs. She moved here from Chicago in 2015, and decided to use an inheritance after the recent passing of her parents to bring this fun, life-long social sport to The Sunset Plaza Mall in Norfolk, Nebraska.  In her spare time Cyndi enjoys rollerblading, kayaking, swimming, bicycling, and of course some outdoor golf too!  : )

You are cordially invited to stop in and play a round of golf, practice a difficult stroke over and over, use the putting practice area, or do all three! Never swung a golf club before? Perfect…you have no bad habits to correct before we help you get your game going! Cyndi is there to assist you with all facets of the game.  You will get help with how to opperate the computer controls, as well as assistance with grip, stance, focus and swing mechanics as needed or desired.

The great thing about simulator golf is that you can learn or improve your golf game year-round regardless of the conditions outside. No matter your score – you still get all the exercise, laughs, and social fun you can muster.

Golf Lessons

$30 per lesson or $125 for 5 lessons to cover all aspects of the game.

  • Driver
  • Long Irons
  • Pitching
  • Chipping
  • Putting

Memberships Available! (NEW)

For those who want to come out and swing often - memberships are available. Membership Includes: Unlimited golfing, use real ball & the option to store your clubs at Cyndi's Fun Fit Golf! Membership rates:

  • 1 month - $45
  • 3 months - $110

Come out for a swinging good time - alone, with co-workers, friends or family here at CFFG! : ) 

Want to start your own league?

Create a simulated golf league with family, friends, co-workers, or other social groups. Get together on a regular basis over the winter months for some fun and exercise.  Golfers are welcome to bring in food & drinks while they golf.  CFFG is a BYO place for Adults 21+ with valid ID.  Please call or stop by:(402) 316-7412 or (402)649-5227 (cell)