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Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons For All Ages!

Golf simulators are an ideal choice for learning (or practicing) the Great Game of Golf.

At CFFG we proudly use the Optishot2 club-tracking system. It allows a new golfer to first get used to swinging each club and see the results before adding the element of connecting to the ball.

The simulator tracks the Speed, Face-angle, Path, and Contact Point for each swing.

Lessons for adults are with a real golf ball. Young children begin with a foam ball and as their swing speed and accuracy improves, they move to a real ball.

Each lesson is 1 hour and includes at least 30 minutes on a simulator to practice what is learned first in front of a mirror in the fitness room.

Lessons never have to be cancelled due to weather…and you almost never lose your ball.  : )

Golf Lesson Rates:

  • Private Lessons: Ages 7–15, 5 Lessons - $99 or $24 each
  • Private Lessons: Ages 16+ - 5 Lessons / $125 or $30 each
  • 2-3 Students (any age) – 5 lessons for $75 or $18 each (pricing is per student)
  • The five lessons cover: Driver, Long Irons, Pitching, Chipping & Putting
  • Phone: (402) 316-7412  or  (402) 649-5227 (cell)