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Celebrating 2-Years in Business

Hours for Walk-in Play:



12pm - 6pm


12pm - 6pm


12pm - 6pm


12pm - 6pm


12pm - 6pm

Hours for Reservation: TUE - SAT, 10AM - 9PM or Sunday, 12PM - 7PM

Dear Guests of Cyndi's FUN FIT GOLF,
Due to the seriousness of the uptick in positive cases of COVID-19 here in the Madison County area, these changes are deemed necessary for the remainder of November 2020:
CFFG will remain OPEN BY RESERVATION. Same day (I am located only minutes from the mall) and distant future reservations are both welcome.
This change will simply reduce my exposure by reducing my time in store between guests.
Gift card buying, lessons, same-day play - all are still available.
Please call: (402) 649-5227 with any inquiries.
Thank you for your understanding and support, Cyndi Mendell
Owner/Operator CFFG

Greetings to All past and future guests at CFFG;
Reservations are now required due to COVID as explained elsewhere on this site. You may be the only active bay (which is Very safe : ), or there may be up to 2 other bays active 28 ft away. I appreciate individuals just as much as groups so don't hesitate to call for same-day or future reservation. All are appreciated and make this business a success - Thank You!

I play caddy for you until you have a good grasp of the simulator, and will help those new to golf to navigate the clubs including stance, swing, and club choice. So come out and attempt something new that you just might just be pretty good at. It might make your Winter a bit more fun and sane too. Swinging a golf club can expel pent up energy, while the focus and attention expended to do it well can actually calm and relax you. It is similar to traditional golf with some unique differences such as no divots, but with the added benefit of immediate feedback about your swing (club-tracking).

I realize it takes a while to get the hang of simulated golf - especially if you play outside. I have found there are differences to learn and respect with each. A good recommendation? Play WITH others, and AGAINST Your last best simulated game, though we all agree that the score is informational, and can be exciting!

Thanks to All of You who have aided me in making this space for year-round golfing fitness fun a reality!

Cynthia Mendell, "Cyndi"

Cyndi's Fun Fit Golf in Norfolk, Nebraska

Cyndi's Fun Fit Golf features indoor golf on some of the world’s most famous courses.

Enjoy playing a round of golf with your friends and family INSIDE SUNSET PLAZA MALL on one of 5 golf simulators! Come practice a particular shot over and over or play a whole game when you want to be “In your own space” for a while. Or maybe you're thinking of a bigger group. Reserve space for the whole gang – 5 simulators – 4 golfers per simulator – 20 golfers possible per hour.

  • 5 Golf Simulators!
  • Putting Area to practice your short game!
  • Multi-purpose Room - for classes, or rent for parties
  • Adult beverages can be brought in for guests 21 or older. Photo I.D. required
  • Virtual Driving Range!
  • Walk-ins welcome or call 402-316-7412 to reserve a tee time!

About Us

We welcome kids to come and play. Anyone between the ages of 7-11 must be accompanied by an adult. Children under age 7, must remain in the mall.

Events and Parties

With 5 golf simulator bays and a multipurpose room in the back for parties...we are confident you'll have a great time!

Club Rental and Storage

Rent clubs at the reduced rate of $2.50/bag (sharing allowed), or bring your own! Club Storage is $10 per month all year!

Monthly Memberships

Ask about our discounted rates for monthly memberships.

What does it feel like to play a golf simulator?

Select your course, mode of play, and tee off. Before you start a hole, or at any time, you can get an aerial view of the hole to get a feel for the layout and be able to get distance information to trees and other hazards that could come into play. When you tee off, you will swing a real club and hit a real golf ball into the screen. You will see the fairway ahead of you, as well as the rough and nearby trees and hazards, just as you would if you were playing on a real golf course. On par 3’s, the green and flag will be in clear view, just like on a real course. You will see your virtual ball land and bounce following the actual topography of the course. For your next shot, you will see the new view from where your ball is currently lying. You will continue to play as if you are on the real course, but with no time wasted looking for your ball way over there in the rough! You will putt right into the screen. Putting requires that you get a feel for the speed of the greens, adjust accordingly for uphill or downhill putts, and play any break (left or right) that you will be able to see on the green.

We welcome kids to come and play. Anyone between the ages of 7-11 must be accompanied by an adult. Children under age 7, must remain in the mall.

Customer Reviews from Facebook and Google

“I have not yet had the opportunity to actually come try out the new facility, but I am so happy it is in Norfolk. As a former collegiate golfer I wish something like this had been around during the off season/winter break to have somewhere to practice. That being said I can’t wait to give Fun Fit Golf a try!”
- Hannah Lindsay
“This is a nice setup and some good winter fun especially!”
- Tony Thompson
“great set up. friendly helpful staff. recommend it for everyone”
- Vicky Owen