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4pm - 8pm
by reservation only


10am - 10pm
by reservation
Noon - 7pm walk-ins welcome


10am - 10pm
by reservation
Noon - 7pm walk-ins welcome


10am - 10pm
by reservation
Noon - 7pm walk-ins welcome


10am - 10pm
by reservation
Noon - 7pm walk-ins welcome


Noon - 6pm
reservations & walk-ins welcome

Closed Christmas - Open New Year's Eve until 6pm, & New Year's Day (regular hours)

Sim. Golf League - Fall 2021 Scores & Winners

We had four, 2-person teams play for the Fall season using the Alternate-Play method.

The resounding comments were that they All really enjoyed it, learned a lot about simulated golf, and all are looking forward to the Winter League starting January 5, 2022.

The teams played 6 different 18-hole golf courses over 9 weeks.

CFFG SIM GOLF LEAGUE - WINTER 2022 begins January 5th.

This league will allow for both Individual & Alternate-play (2 person) Teams.

Play on a day/time convenient for you: Tuesday through Sunday (see reservation times listed above).

You will have 12 weeks to complete nine, 18-hole rounds.

< : With more participants we will be able to offer more prizes : >

Alternative-Play: $15 each Time needed: 1.5 hr per 18-hole round; Individual Play: $26

Sign-up is open now with late start available if necessary. Come join the fun! 

Cyndi's Fun Fit Golf in Norfolk, Nebraska

Cyndi's Fun Fit Golf features indoor golf on some of the world’s most famous courses.

Enjoy playing a round of golf with your friends and family INSIDE SUNSET PLAZA MALL on one of 5 golf simulators. Come practice a particular shot over and over or play a whole game when you want to be “In your own space” for a while. Or maybe you're thinking of a bigger group. Reserve space for the whole gang – 5 simulators – 4 golfers per simulator – 20 golfers possible per hour.

  • 5 Golf Simulators
  • Driving Range and 60 - 18-Hole golf courses and on each bay
  • 3-D Putting Area
  • Pool Table in back area
  • Party Food and Drink Prep Area
  • Rent entire space for your next private party: corporate, family, or friends
  • BYO Adult beverages (Ages 21+ with I.D.)
  • Private Restroom
  • Walk-ins welcome or call 402-649-5227 (Cell) to reserve a tee time. Or, call 402-316-7412 (Play Center)

About Us

We welcome kids to come and play. Anyone between the ages of 7-11 must be accompanied by an adult. Children under age 7, may play in the 3D putting area for free while you golf.

Events and Parties

With 5 golf simulator bays and a multipurpose room in the back for parties...we are confident you'll have a great time!

Club Rental and Storage

Rent clubs at the reduced rate of $2.50/bag (sharing allowed), or bring your own! Club Storage is $10 per month all year!

Monthly Memberships

Ask about our discounted rates for monthly memberships.

What does it feel like to play a golf simulator?

Select your course, mode of play, and tee off. Before you start a hole, or at any time, you can get an aerial view of the hole to get a feel for the layout and be able to get distance information to trees and other hazards that could come into play. When you tee off, you will swing a real club and hit a real golf ball into the screen. You will see the fairway ahead of you, as well as the rough and nearby trees and hazards, just as you would if you were playing on a real golf course. On par 3’s, the green and flag will be in clear view, just like on a real course. You will see your virtual ball land and bounce following the actual topography of the course. For your next shot, you will see the new view from where your ball is currently lying. You will continue to play as if you are on the real course, but with no time wasted looking for your ball way over there in the rough! You will putt right into the screen. Putting requires that you get a feel for the speed of the greens, adjust accordingly for uphill or downhill putts, and play any break (left or right) that you will be able to see on the green.

We welcome kids to come and play. Anyone between the ages of 7-11 must be accompanied by an adult. Children under age 7, must remain in the mall.